Manon Williams and Louise White are friends and the co-founders of Angladdau Enfys Funerals ltd.

Manon is a mother of four who enjoys cold water swimming, cooking, reading and spending time with her husband and children. Following years of interest in the funeral industry, in 2017, Manon embraced an opportunity to assist with local funerals in order to gain experience and knowledge. Due to a lack of local opportunities to join an existing funeral company she worked in a local arts centre supporting the community and running local support groups for a number of years instead. Finally, in July 2020 Manon made the decision to follow her aspiration and open her own funeral home and was delighted to be joined on the journey by her close friend Louise.

Louise is a Biologist with a variety of experience ranging from studying human behaviour to emotionally supporting people during times of change in their lives. She became a mother during the Covid-19 lockdown and decided on an alternative career path, undertaking several training courses with Manon in order to expand her knowledge in bereavement, grief and funerals. In her spare time Louise enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family and her dog Cefin or spending time at home crafting and creating.

While working alongside each other for a number of years Manon and Louise became close friends and discovered that their values and ambitions were very similar.

Enfys was created through their mutual aspiration to support people through the early stage of their bereavement while also arranging truly meaningful funerals.

As a result Enfys offers variety and flexibility to encourage each bereaved person to arrange a funeral that truly represents the values and personality of the person who has died.